Friday, June 18, 2010

Johnson's baby lotion: the best moisturizer.

This has the be the cheapest moisturizer out there, and the best facial moisturizer! I am currently using differin gel for my mild acne and it makes my skin very dry and sensitive. So when they told me i needed to use a very gentle lotion i knew this was the one to come to. I had already been using it for my body, because it makes you skin baby soft ;) it does contain mineral oil but it has never broken me out or anything like that! if you have very sensitive skin, you need this! it makes your skin glowing because it is supple and hydrated.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

st. Ives: naturally clear apricot scrub for blemish and blackhead control.

So, this post is a review on an already overly reviewed product, St. ives apricot scrub, the naturally clean blemish and blackhead control one. Its oil free, formulated without parabens and phthalates, and its not tested on animals. It contains 2% salicylic acid and apricot fruit extract. It claims to gently clean pores and help stop breakouts before they occur. I can definitely notice an improvement in my skin texture. It makes it much smoother and softer. It helps keep my blackheads on my nose at bay and i love it for when i have a flakey pimple because it really clears them up. This product is definitely worth the rave. I plan to try the green tea scrub, the invigorating apricot scrub, the olive scrub, the warming scrub, and the renew and firm scrub. So make sure to tell me if you've used any of those. Hope you enjoyed this review!

The benefits of drinking water.

here i am blogging again to myself :) but this post is about the very most important aspect of skin care. Drinking water! As simple as it is, it can help your skin and body. Drinking water is also very important for digestion, absorption, circulation, and excretion. It is an important way to remove toxins from the skin. It helps your muscles maintain muscle tone and prevents cramping. It increases your energy level, prevents headaches, and can help curve appetite. It will make your skin more hydrated and make it smooth and glowing. Some ways to make sure you daily water are - drink out of a fun glass! make sure to have a lot of ice in your water so its cool and refreshing, especially in the summer. drink out of a straw, i don't know why but when i have a straw i just gulp it down. Add lemons or limes. Carry a fun bottle around in your purse, make sure it always has water in it. I hope you learned something and will start drinking your water!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bath and Body Works: coconut lime verbena body lotion.

Summer product rave! This product is, since you can't tell from my crappy photo booth camera :), is the Bath and Body Works body lotion in coconut lime verbena. It is infused with real coconut extract and has key fragrance nots of zesty lime, tart lemon verbena, kumquat peel, muguet and sheer coconut water. I've had this lotion forever and just had it stuffed at the bottom of my bathroom drawer. So, when I saw it I though, hey now i don't even need to spend money to get a new lotion! I quickly went to Bath and Body Works dot com and they still sell it... but in there new packaging. By the way what do you all think of there new packaging with the silver lid compared to the old bottles? anyway, back to the review! i put it on, and i immidiatly though of lemonade. But, when I put my nose right up to it, it smelled just like coconut. I love the smell of sweet lemonade for the summer so this is the perfect lotion. I can't wait to try the shower gel and bubble bath :)

Hey everyone, I'm Violet.

Hey everyone, I'm violet. This is my first post on my new blog. What will i be blogging about you may ask? Beauty! What else? A little bit about my beauty life. I have very oily, acne prone skin. I have brown eyes, medium length wavy blonde hair, and i'm obsessed with bath and body works. I've always had a love for blogging but never did anything more than personal posts on xanga. Did anybody else use xanga? It used to be very popular but isn't really anymore. Which is why i decided to come over to blogger to bore you all with my beauty posts :) I plan on making posts about my life, new products, product reviews, hauls, outfit of the day, and whatever else i feel like ;) So, i guess I will just tell you all a little about myself. I'm in high school, i live in the midwest, i have one older sister, Bayley, who is going into collage and one younger sister, Opal, who it still in elementary school. I have a mom named Michelle who is a hoot, and a dad named Dennis who grew up on a farm and inspired me to love horses, farms, country music, getting dirty and all that so many people call me a hick :) i have a bird named Lulu, a small dog named Billy, and three cats, Todd, Coco, and Midge. :)