Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bath and Body Works: coconut lime verbena body lotion.

Summer product rave! This product is, since you can't tell from my crappy photo booth camera :), is the Bath and Body Works body lotion in coconut lime verbena. It is infused with real coconut extract and has key fragrance nots of zesty lime, tart lemon verbena, kumquat peel, muguet and sheer coconut water. I've had this lotion forever and just had it stuffed at the bottom of my bathroom drawer. So, when I saw it I though, hey now i don't even need to spend money to get a new lotion! I quickly went to Bath and Body Works dot com and they still sell it... but in there new packaging. By the way what do you all think of there new packaging with the silver lid compared to the old bottles? anyway, back to the review! i put it on, and i immidiatly though of lemonade. But, when I put my nose right up to it, it smelled just like coconut. I love the smell of sweet lemonade for the summer so this is the perfect lotion. I can't wait to try the shower gel and bubble bath :)

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